Note: I decided to do an experiment for Web Wednesday, and I wound up with more information than belongs in an article of this type. So we’re splitting it into (at least) two parts. Here’s the overview today—along with those promised Web Wednesday links!—and we’ll move into all the happy details tomorrow.

Review of 3 Pizza Crusts, Part 1

Homemade pizza can be a great budget-stretcher: it lets you use up scraps and leftovers in a way the whole family usually applauds. Problem is, all the sugars in commercial sauces, plus all the processed stuff in the crusts, usually turn pizza into a high carb junk food instead of a healthy meal.

And while it’s easy to get the sugar out of the sauce, getting the junk out of the crust is more difficult. You pretty much have to reinvent the crust. But all too often, reinvention means more expensive ingredients—and that defeats one of the purposes of making pizza in the first place!

Fortunately, there are some reinventions out there that are both healthy and affordable. With hubby away on a trip yesterday, Happy Toddler and I decided we had time to test some.

Summary of Method

We made two low carb, gluten free pizza crusts that were new to us, and cooked a third that has been our household’s staple crust so far. We topped all three with roughly the same toppings, and followed the instructions in each recipe to the end.

Hubby got home in time to help with the taste tests—which was good, since HT will eat the ingredients, but not the finished product—and I figured up the numbers this morning.

(And we had a lot of leftovers, since low carb pizza crusts are more filling than the white-flour ones!)

The Crusts

These were the crusts we tackled:

  1. Jamie VanEaton’s “You Won’t Believe it’s Cauliflower” Pizza Crust
  2. Mellissa Sevigny’s Zero Net Carb Flax & Parmesan Pizza Crust
  3. Laura Dolson’s Deep Dish Low-Carb Pizza Crust

Laura’s is the one we’ve been making regularly. The other two are new to us.

Results at a Glance

Cflwr Flax DpDsh
Fastest prep time
Fastest cook time
Longest Prep Time
Longest Cook Time
Recipe yield One 8″ thin crust One 8″ med. 10″ thin crust**** One 13″ x 9″ deep-dish crust
# people it serves* 1 1 – 2 2
Cost per person**(crust only) $1.86 – 2.30*** $1.41 $1.60
Passed taste test Y 1/2 Y**** Y
Will make it again? Y Y with revisions**** Y

 Notes regarding the table

*In winter, I don’t serve my pizza with salads. These might stretch a little further if I did. (Or they might not. We like pizza!)
**Your costs will vary, especially since a)nothing in my crusts was organic, and b)I always estimate the prices on spices. (I plug in a flat 10¢/tsp for spices, unless it’s salt or pepper. Those get 1¢/tsp, just because it’s a pain to go any lower!)
***The cauliflower crust calls for mozzarella, which I don’t buy in bulk; all the main ingredients on the other two recipes are bulk purchases for me. So to be fair I went ahead and plugged the price of cheddar, which I do get in bulk, into the cauliflower crust’s numbers. As you can see, even with the less expensive cheddar, the cauliflower crust still costs more than either of the other two recipes if I make it as written.
****The flax crust entries have been updated. It didn’t turn out well the first time, but I made it again and it was great. See the updated review here.

Tomorrow: explaining the ratings.

I hope this overview begins to give you an idea of the possibilities where low carb, gluten-free pizzas are concerned. Tomorrow we’ll look at details about how I made these pizzas, what went wrong with them, and what went right.

I hope you’ll join me—if only to learn from my mistakes!

6 Responses to Web Wed.: Review of 3 Pizza Crusts, Part 1

  1. Frugal Jen says:

    Observant readers will notice I’ve changed the rating on whether or note I would make that flax meal pizza crust again. It used to read “maybe”; after finishing the detailed review, though, I realized it should read as it now does.

  2. Lynda NZ says:

    Hi – I love your pizza review! I noticed the flax base had loads of flax!! I have one on my blog (recipe section) with much less flaxseed and it really does turn out great! One of the true pleasures of low carb eating is that you can still enjoy a pizza :)

    • Frugal Jen says:

      Thanks, Lynda; I’m glad you like it!

      I took a look at your recipe. I’m afraid I haven’t found an affordable source of coconut flour yet, but I understand that people in other parts of the US might be luckier in that respect.

      And, yes, hooray for low carb pizza! What’s the point of healthy eating if you can’t enjoy the food? ;)

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  4. Lynda NZ says:

    Hello again – my friends who have not had access to coconut flour have had success with other types of flour. One used gluten free flour (the small amount meant not too many carbs) and another tried almond flour. It really is to just bulk it up a bit I think.

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